The Origin Story of Cannabis

Posted on September 1st, 2021 to Education

I decided to check out the origin of cannabis after hearing that it originated in Central Asia, China, and more importantly, the Indian subcontinent! As a young lad of Indian descent, it’s only natural to be excited that such a wonderful herb that people everywhere use came from the same place my parents came from. In typical Indian fashion, it immigrated to all parts of the world and placed its roots (get it?). In India, they call it Bhang but the word Ganja comes from the Sanskrit language. They say that Indians were the first to perfect applicable uses for cannabis by using it for medicine to treat any illnesses from headaches to tuberculosis. Spiritually, cannabis was considered sacred because of the feeling of freedom and joy they felt when consuming cannabis. The term “Ganja” also means goddess referring to the Ganges River. Many cannabis smokers will go all their lives without knowing the history of cannabis so we hope you learned a little something from us.


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